Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brylee & Gracin

Where's my toes?

I had the honor of photographing the darling, Brylee & Gracin this past weekend. Gracin is 4 and Brylee is almost 2, she is also a model for Baby Gap so I was working with a pro! She adores her big brother and frequently peppered him with kisses and squishy hugs. He patiently and sweetly endured all this during their session. I had almost 100 images after I flipped through them and picking my favorites is next to impossible but here are some...

Friday, February 19, 2010

HFD Training

Steve's Captain, Scotty Bush

Poor Steve, he was SO hot.

The boys decided to do some training on an old abandoned home. "How do they do that?" you may ask. Well, cover all the windows with tarps so it's pitch black, pump the house full of smoke, put on a ton of heavy, hot gear and go on in and play hide & seek until you're sweating profusely and miserable. They love it!

Thanks boys for putting up with me and my camera!