Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer is Over

It's labor day weekend, all the swimming pools are closing so summer is now officially over. I was just reflecting on how fast it all went. It just seemed like a few weeks ago we were kicking of the start of summer by camping at Cumberland Falls.
We had a good summer for the most part no major injuries or trips to the ER. (Those of you with boys...I know you understand that last sentence completely) I was really looking forward to school starting and now that it has I'm a little sad. Joshua just started kindergarten, much to his dismay, and it's REALLY quiet around the house during the day. It's definitely gonna take some getting used to.
Soccer and swim lessons have started and I spend most of my time in the car as evidenced by the piles of McDonald's bags and empty water bottles strewn though out my mini-van. It's hectic but a welcome break from the monotony of hot summer days with no schedule and bored kids.
I'm looking forward to seeing the pumpkins and mums out in front of homes and the fuzzy hug of a favorite snuggly sweatshirt. I love the fall!

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