Friday, January 2, 2009

Fiery Gizzard

We've been having such beautiful weather here lately that we decided to load all the kids up and hit some local trails. We'd heard good things about Fiery Gizzard but you never can be too sure until you check it out yourself. After a quick picnic lunch and a swing through the visitors center to grab some maps of the trails we hit the trail head with our hopes high. We were NOT disappointed. It was so incredible! The trail winds along a small river, down through a gorge and you are completely submerged in thick forest. Sheer cliffs and big boulders tower around you. The temp drops about 10 degrees as you descend into the shady gorge making this an excellent hike for a hot summer day. Not to mention the fact that the cool river is right alongside you much of the way. We decided that we'd have to return in the fall because the colors would be breathtaking!

This hiking trip was a long time coming for me. I have been desperately craving nature lately. We had such a busy summer trying to buy and sell real estate that we didn't get much time to hike and the past few weeks I'd find myself tearing up whenever I'd see a beautiful landscape on TV. Being part of Gods creation is a need of mine, it renews me, refreshes me it is at the very heart of who I am. I never feel more like worshiping Him than when I am surrounded by His handiwork. I popped in my ear buds for awhile and cranked some Selah from their Hymns album and came into His presence. I took it all in being careful not to miss any of it. It all felt like a love letter from my Abba...the cool breeze on my face, the feel of the earth under my feet, the sound of the rushing water, the scent of the pine. I inhaled the clean air, I ran my hand across the mossy trees and admired the how the sunlight streamed through the trees. I was determined not to miss anything.

I talked to my Lord and asked, why is this so meaningful to me? Why do I feel so at peace here? He answered me. .."You were created for a garden Aly." He made this earth for us to enjoy. It was His gift to us and today I had a chance to do just that.


Sharleen said...
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Sharleen said...
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Sharleen said...

Oh, Steve and Aly... what a perfect family outing! I LOVE being outdoors hiking in nature and feeling surrounded by God's beauty. The landscape snapshots and family moments looked picturesque. Steve, "Do you remember our hikes down AND back up the steep cliffs in Polluck Pines?" Great memories.

P.S.I was waiting to see "THE BUG." (wink)

Sharleen said...

"...took the one less traveled by..." One of my favorite poems by Robert Frost! Okay, I'm done... you have to excuse this teacher moment. Love you guys!

Doug and Ash said...

(This is from Ben)

"Hey! i was pushed! i would never slip" ;)

Great video, miss you guys.

Ann Kimmel said...

Beautiful post and pictures, sweet friend! One of these days we will hike and praise God together! :)

Love ya!

Vince said...


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