Friday, June 5, 2009

Life Moments

Today I'm taking a moment to look back at some of my most memorable life moments. The moments that make me smile when I remember them. These are some of the things that made my life blessed...

* Rollerskating on the dance floor in the bar of my parents restaurant
* Riding on a tobagan tied to the back of my brothers snow mobile across Lake superior
* Singing praise songs in spanish with the beautiful children of Tula, Mexico
* My first day as a Medical Assistant
* Portillo's Hot Dogs
* My wedding day
* Bonfires and skinny dipping at Folsom Lake with my girlfriends
* Playing in the crunchy, fragrant fall leaves
* Black & Whites from Leatherby's after evening church
* Coke slurpees from Seven Eleven on a hot summer day
* Seeing the stick with 2 lines
* Singing the National Anthem at the top of my voice in Ghirdelli Square, San Francisco
* Holding my newborn babies in my arms
* Toasting the perfect marshmallow over a campfire
* Girls night with Ann, Ladona, Stephanie and Mary Lee...hee hee!
* Seeing my Daddy cry when he gave me away
* Watching a sting ray swim right in between Kolby and I in Destin, FL
* Climbing Half Dome
* Hume Lake
* First kisses and the tummy butterflies that accompany them
* Camping beneath the incredible redwood trees at Richardson's Grove
* Standing on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Mendocino, CA
* Watching the dolphins swim by our boat
* The first time he looked at me and called me Mommy
* Conquering the ropes course at summer camp
* Fireflies
* Watching the fireworks over Cinderella Castle

I could go on and on...take time today to remember those little moments it will change your perspective. I'd love to hear some of yours. God has been good.


Vince said...

I haven't told you, but up until I moved to Austin, I was eating at 1 of only 2 Portillo's outside of IL up the freeway from Murrieta. Killer good.

Rollerskating in the restaurant rocked!

Redwoods...of course

Leatherby's; I have yet to find anything that comes close, but if something does exist it's in Austin.

Ann Kimmel said...

What an awesome post idea! I may just steal it!

Girls night definitely hits my top twenty as well, but there's no need to post any pictures to remind us of all our fun.


Christy said...

mmm, Leatherby's, not too far down the road - and still enjoyable!

nighttime swims at Folsom in August were just about unbeatable

...except when you bring in those coke slurpees (I enjoy coke/cherry mixed), but I think we both made our excursions to the same 7-11!