Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Burden

The Village from Long Hollow Baptist Church on Vimeo.

So, many of you who read my blog are also members of the very same church that we are. Many of you are already aware that our church is now in the process of raising $$ to build orphan villages in Haiti. For the last couple years I have felt God preparing me to GO. I have felt a 'burden' on my heart to do something. I wasn't sure where or when he wanted me to go...until now. Also, the idea of GOing seemed a little tricky for a wife and Mother of four, especially since my husband did not feel the same calling...until now.

Steve & I are so...what's the right word? Affected? Moved? No, it's more like a feeling of urgency, we are restless, we want to be there...NOW! We want to love on these children, we want to care for them and hold them and feed them, we want them to know that they are valuable and worthy. We want to build them a shelter. We are not sure how this will all come about but we KNOW that God will handle all those details. Until then we are going to pray and continue to let God prepare us for the right time to GO! We are so excited.

The reason's why I am excited are because for the last year or so I have been...restless. I KNEW God was preparing me for something. Did I have any idea it would be this? Absolutely not! It is just overwhelming to see Him move me. To look back and go "Ooooh, now I understand"

We're not sure what our role will be in all this but we are willing, we are clay and our answer is YES!

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Ann Kimmel said...

I read this last night on Facebook and it brought tears to my eyes. I am so excited to see what God ropes you into, and we will be here to support you any way we can!

(But be careful - those orphans will get to ya...)