Monday, March 29, 2010


Zach gave us some sa-weet tips on B & W conversions...NICE!

Yesterday, I had an amazing opportunity to spend the day with two of Nashville's most incredible photographers. Zach & Jody Gray, otherwise known as Gray Photography. I have been stalking their blog for a while now and admiring their incredible images and talent. Every year they run a series of workshop's for other tog's who want to learn a bit more about capturing beautiful images and spending less time editing and more time shooting. They brought in some models for us to shoot with too!
So we trudged out into the rain, wind, cold & mud with our cameras in tow and shot away while using the information they'd taught us that afternoon.
Expo disc's and custom white balance.....HOLLA!
Thanks SO much Zach & Jody. You two were amazingly kind, helpful and generous (especially for lending me your sweatshirt!)

Here's some images I captured and spent approximately 15 minutes total editing...


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Yayyyy, that was FUN!!! Despite the cold, mud and rain! I'm glad we got to spend the day together!

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