Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Morning

I love how expressive my kids are. They are so fun to photograph. I think it's because...

1. They are GORGEOUS!  
2. They are so used to mom's camera in their faces they don't even acknowledge it anymore, in fact they   
    may be under the assumption that it's attached to me in some way.
3. Well, I'll just let these snaps speak for themselves, enjoy...

Yeah baby! Easy Bake Oven... HOLLA!

OK... how stoked is he! LEGO'S. I was stoked too. Secretly this was a gift for me too

XBOX 360!!

We were pretty dog gone proud of our first motorbike we constructed

And this was the scene in my family room for the remainder of winter break

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Sy's Prints said...

awesome photos, you have a lovely family :-)