Saturday, October 11, 2008


We're home from our annual beach trip! We had an awesome time but it is always so good to come home.

A few highlights from our trip...
The boys have been bitten by the body boarding bug! They absolutely loved catchin' some waves.

Kolby was riding a wave in on his body board when a stingray swam right in front of was so AWESOME! I can't decide if that makes me a really bad Mom or a really cool Mom that I thought it was awesome.

Hands down the coolest part of our trip went as follows....

Me sitting on the beach watchin' the boys search for shells and building a sand castle with Bailee. I look over to my left and notice a "commotion" in the water about 10 feet off the shoreline. I jump up to go investigate. As I get closer it appears to be a dorsal fin sticking up out of the water! Dolphin? I alert the rest of the family, (when I say "alert" I mean frantically squealing and jumping up and down and waving my arms) Then I start to walk out towards it and stop dead in my tracks...NOT A DOLPHIN....SHARK! A 6 foot long Tiger shark is looking for dinner approximately where my kids were swimming moments earlier. Now we're chasing the thing down the beach kicking ourselves for not having our camera. The strangest part was I wasn't scared at all and neither were the kids. If it hadn't been for the jellyfish we saw earlier I probably would've tried to get closer. (scared of jellyfish but not sharks? I'm an enigma, I know) After about 3 minutes of awe the shark finally took off out to sea and we trekked back to our beach towels. Weslee is a shark enthusiast and proclaimed "This is the best day of my life!" Kolby grabs a body board and heads back out to catch some waves! We feel compelled to be somewhat responsible parents and redirect our kids to the sand. We found out from locals that it is best to stay outta the water during sunset as that is feeding time for the sharks. We celebrated the occasion by purchasing shark tooth necklaces for all the boys. Bailee opted for a pink stuffed Dolphin. We'll never forget that experience.

Keeping with tradition on the last day of our trip we headed to our favorite restaurant The Backporch for a yummy seafood dinner. We were fortunate enough to get seated on the deck overlooking the gulf and as we waited for our food we reminisced over a wonderful week and watched the sunset.

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Doug and Ash said...

HOW FUN! you all look great! I want to go with you all sometime. OK! :) Love you. xxoo