Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Parade

Today was the Christmas Parade. The Kimmel's and us went down and found a nice cozy spot right in front of Starbucks (I'm a genius I know). Steve was riding in the new engine this year that was carrying the man himself, Santa! We opted out of riding in the truck so we could collect as much candy as much as possible. This year Darth Vader and the cast of Star Wars were there. When the boys spotted them in the distance you would have thought that some major rockstar was headed our way. It was so fun. Cold, but fun.


joysnatcher said...

my, are those pictures taken with your NEW camera? What fun! and I love your "fancy" tree, it's beautiful.

Doug and Ash said...

The parade looks so fun! it reminds my things our small community does on coronado for the holidays. Cool fire engine! Your lookin good Steve!

Love you guys!