Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Bailee!

Our BIG 5 year old Bailee!

Opening her presents

Even baby Bella got dressed up....sooo cute, she even did the hula!

Make a wish

Bailee, Carragan and Kaylea

It happened. Despite all our best efforts...Bailee turned 5 last Thursday. It was a week of celebrating for her and a week of grieving for Steve and I. Why does 5 seem so big? It has been more difficult than we anticipated watching our youngest reach this milestone. I'm not sure if it's just because she's the youngest or because she's at the sweet, girly finale of years of testosterone or because she's simply, Bailee our sweet loving baby girl. I imagine it's a combination of the three. In a few weeks I will be registering her for kindergarten!

If you've spent anytime around us you know how besotted we are with our little Bailee. She is so loving and sweet it is almost impossible to discipline her when she misbehaves. Her big brothers cater to her every whim and her Daddy is completely and admittedly wrapped around her tiny, little, pinkie finger. It has been a huge blessing to parent her as with all my children but when Bailee joined our crew she altered us all so completely with her distinct femininity it took us all by surprise. It's impossible to imagine what this family would have been like without her influence. She's tickled us pink and we are all better because of her...God is so good.


Ann Kimmel said...

Bailee is all delight. That is the word I think of when I see her - she is pure delight! I was just telling my friend Ang that the cool thing about Bailee is that she is certain she is a princess, but has not let that power go to her head. She is as gentle and kind as she is darling.

I'm gonna be borrowing her when I need a little girl fix!

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