Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Ruby Falls (1100 feet underground!)

Entertaining the cave dwellers

No paparazzi please

Last weekend we loaded up the peeps and headed outta town with our friends the Kimmel's. We headed to Chattanooga to check out Ruby Falls and the Children's Museum. We had a good time playing with our kids and generally goofing off. Winding through the cave on our way to see the falls was pretty cool. I see more cave exploring ahead for the Burtnett clan. Honestly, I think I just really want a head lamp.


Ann Kimmel said...

It isn't easy being so fabulous that the papparazzi chase you into a cave, but we manage to pull it off.

We rock.

Happy McNally Mom said...

Oh my goodness friend, is it really you. I found your blog through Christy Stewart. She just stared reading my blog and then I went to hers and found you. How are you? Your family is soooooooo beautiful. You look so wonderful. I would love to catch up on how you are doing.