Saturday, November 15, 2008

Aly and the Very Blustery Day

Today is a very blustery, fall day in Tennessee. It's drizzly and windy and grey and chilly and I LOVE it! To celebrate I decided to cook up a big pot of homeade chicken noodle soup. I even made the noodles from scratch.

Unfortuneately, clumsy me scalded myself in the process. Turns out that flinging boiling water on yourself causes 2nd degree burns. My flesh was literally melting off! After a little first aid from my hubby and Captain Scotty (thanx Scotty) oh and a big fat pain pill, I finally sat down to enjoy my first bowl of soup. Now, I'm not one to brag but...OH...MY...GOSH! Totally worth it! I wish y'all could sit down with me in your most snuggliest sweats and I'd serve you up a steaming bowl and we could make yummy noises together.

Hope you all have a wonderfully, cozy, fall day wherever you are!


Amy Lafayett said...

Okay. . . so, are you gonna share the recipe?? :) I love soups in the fall and winter. . .
I hope your burn is better. That really hurts.

Jon and Melissa said...

It feels like a real fall almost wintery day.....I actually liked it.