Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Bubba

Okay, is that weird or what? Ever since the Olympics every time I talk to my Aunt Patti or some member of my family it inevitable gets said. "You know who looks just like Michael Phelps?" This is not the best picture of my "little" brother (I say that because the dude is 6'5") but they both have eerie similarities. I do think my brother is better looking though. I'm not a hater or anything but Mike's nose is kinda weird.
Anyway, all this to say, please pray for my Vinnie guy. He's been wearin' himself out planting churches in So Cal and now because of harsh economic times and the foreclosures out there the church can no longer afford to pay him. He has an incredible wife named Tami and two little ones to support. So, a paycheck is helpful. He's recently interviewed at a church near Brentwood, TN! I am so hoping that works out, I miss him terribly and would love the chance to play Auntie to Ashtynne and Steele.


Vince said...

much better looking

Ann Kimmel said...

OK I see the resemblance, but I like your little brother best for his toally ROCKIN' kids names!!!! How cool are you to be their aunt?!?!

Am praying for the Brentwood job...although he better not crowd in on OUR quality time! :)

Tami said...

He doesn't look anything like Michael P. He is not the best looking guy (M.P.) Swimmer guy looks like a goof. Anyway, I just had to put in my thoughts. Aunt Tami