Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nashville Zoo

On election day last week the kids were out of school so to keep myself from going crazy I packed them into the grocery-getter and we headed to the Zoo. The weather was beautiful and all the animals were up and about. We had the best time. I've never taken my kids on an outing by myself before so I was a little worried about how things would go but the kids were great despite the distinct absence of "Daddy the Discipliner" and we really enjoyed our day.

I think the boys really enjoyed the reptile house. We watched as a rattlesnake shed its skin and saw a huge anaconda. Bailee and I enjoyed feeding the Lorikeets nectar. At one point one of the birds grabbed the cup out of Bailee's hand and helped itself. One of them landed on my head! "Please don't poop!" Although it wouldn't be the first time I got pooped on.

We packed a picnic lunch and stopped at one of the many picnic tables scattered about the zoo and talked about what we saw and what we wanted to see next. Weslee and Kolby were the map keepers and kept us on track.

We fed the camels too and petted the cute little baby goats that wandered around the Creature Encounters Exhibit. One of them even helped itself to a zoo map that was hanging out of some guys pocket. Turns out that their is not much goats won't eat, much like Joshua. Nancy Van Kamp from channel 4 news was there with her two kids.

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