Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Frogs + Snails + Puppy Dog Tails

Turning two is a big deal for little boys I think.  It's a bit of a milestone.  And on a side note I disagree with the label 'terrible two's'  I've had the honor of living with three, two year old boys (they weren't two at the same time thank you baby Jesus!) but I gotta tell you... few things are as funny as a two year old boy.  The sense of wonder.  The total disregard for gravity.  The fascination with all things gross and dirty and LOUD.  They are boys from the beginning.  Loud, smelly, mischievous and so so sweet.  And I adore them.

When my sweet Sloan family called to ask me to snap some pics of their two year old Levi I knew it was gonna be fun.  When I arrived Levi was a little suspicious of the lady with the camera so I stood back and watched him do what he does.  This little man has some cool toys and an even cooler daddy.  Levi and his daddy have a special connection.  They 'get' each other.  It was a blessing to get to spy on and capture that sweet relationship.

Also, I will always ALWAYS remember shortly after I posted Levi's pics on my website the phone call I received from his mama.  She was in tears.  She gave me probably my MOST favorite compliment.... "You captured HIM"

Yeah he wasn't diggin me... yet

Daddy love

Don't you just LOVE this feeling?

In case you were wondering... Levi is analytical 

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