Sunday, January 22, 2012

Six Months Old

As a photographer we're encouraged to pursue a direction or 'niche'.  I believe my niche in this photo world is babies and kids.  Wether that has something to do with the fact that I'm the mom of four little ones myself I'm not sure. But I confess that whenever I get a call from new parents that they would like for me to come photograph their newborn I'm on the other end of the line LITERALLY bouncing up and down with glee.  It's really all I can do to not audibly squeal.  Along with the privilege of capturing those precious first moments of life I get the distinct honor of returning every 3 months to document their progress and watch these wee ones grow.  

So here's Miss Charlotte at six months of age.  You may remember her from her previous three month old shoot.  She's growing into such a beauty.  And I'm incredibly envious of her long, sweeping eyelashes.  Not to mention she's got the most adoring big sister whom is clearly hilarious as she can have Charlotte in stitches with a simple word or a little dance.  Thanks sweet Abby for coaxing those grins from your sister.


Anonymous said...

Oh these two are going to look like time twins! Love the picture of them together in the jean dresses. It looks lovely and vintage.

Aly-Rae said...

They are two lovely sisters indeed. Thanks Miss A for stopping by! :)