Saturday, March 1, 2008

Kolby Prays

The other night we were sitting down to dinner and Steve asked Kolby to pray.

Kolby: "Dear God thank you for this beautiful night and please help the black people with all their problems. Amen"

I'm not sure where that came from but um....okay....Amen!


Pattipromo said...

this would be the same young man who requested you have a birthday party for Martin, which perturbed you to no end that Martin's mom wouldn't be taking care of this, I mean "why should I be responsible for his birthday, who is he and what is his mother doing"??say's the Daughter of the King...
you know mom - Martin Luther!!!
Did I mention the D o K had a cake baked and frosted before 7:30 am and that we all showed up for the Party?!?!?hmmmm? now who is too old to remember stuff???
I think maybe this is an important issue for our sweet "servant"?

Aly said...

I can always count on aunt patti for clarity when my ditzy brain can't quite grasp it.