Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I feel like a toolbox! I wrecked into my husbands sweet mini van last night. In my defense I was trying to rush to the pharmacy before they closed to pick up HIS prescriptions and he was parked about a foot over from where he usually parks. Still, I failed to look over my shoulder so, my bad. I think you really find out what people are made of when you see how they respond to a situation such as this. Now it has been about nine years since the last time I wrecked into a parked vehicle. (My target of choice apparently) So, as I moped back into the house to break the news to Steve I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Here's how it went....

Aly (in my sweetest voice): "Honey"

Steve: "Yeah?"

Aly: "I made a mistake"

Steve: (Hesitantly) "What?"

Aly: "I crashed into your van"

unbearable silence for what seemed like an hour...

Steve: (chuckling quietly)

That was definitely NOT the reaction I expected. Although, had that been a newer vehicle I have a feeling the reaction may not have been quite the same. So, here's to our old, tore up, stinky, mini van! Steven, I love you sooooo much and I am so blessed to be your wife!!!!

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