Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bailee's So Grown Up

My sweet little baby girl turned 4 years old last week. I can hardly believe it. There are a million cliche's I could use to describe this predicament I'm in but I don't want to sound insincere. I am utterly floored at how fast the last four years have gone by. My children are my proudest possessions and suddenly I am realizing that as they grow and become these incredible individuals that they are not really my possessions at all but a temporary gift. This new understanding couldn't have come at a better time. You see I have recently let the little things that occur as your children grow really get to me. I have been living in a state of overwhelm for a few months now and through this have even asked God what He was thinking when he decided that Aly would have 4 children. His timing is perfect. I think someone must have been praying for me. My patience is refreshed and my heart is full. I look at them with their sweet little dirty faces and grumpy, sticky-out lips and I have to catch my breath....aren't they just the most wonderful little creatures? Instead of "why me" I am praising my Lord and saying "Why Me, what did I do to deserve this tremendous honor?" It is now my intention to breathe them in every moment I get because before I know it another four years will pass, and in four years my oldest, Weslee, will be almost 13 years old!
Breathe Aly......just breathe.


Doug and Ash said...

OH MY GOSH! She is stunning! I can not believe she is 4...that means i haven't seen her in 3 1/2 years. That makes me sad. She could not have a sweeter face. I miss you all so much.

P.s. i know i am a blog-jacker but i couldn't help it, i could not stop laughing...something that funny needs to be on my page too! you lots! xoxo

Aly said...

My sweet Asher, I miss you so! You can blog-jack me anytime. That doesn't sound right???