Thursday, April 3, 2008


I thought I'd take a moment to properly introduce the newest member of our family to y'all. A few of you lucky ones have had the honor of snuggling our little fur baby. Isabella was my birthday gift from my darling hubby. You see, everyone around me lately seems to be having babies and I was fresh out of em, so, my Steven decided I needed something to love on. The only major difference is I can kennel her and she's less messy than my other babies (believe it or not). She is a Malti-tzu (Maltese/Shih-tzu hybrid), she will weigh about 5 pounds full grown so she's travel size. Which is good because I already have a car full and she fits nicely in her little purse on shopping trips. Normally she has a pink bow on her head but this shot was taken before her hair was long enough. She is a perfect fit for our family. Our kids love her and she's all about playing in the mud and getting down and dirty. She's really good at tag and keeping the birds out of the yard too. I'm sure as this blog progresses you'll here a few Izzy tales because she's a hoot and we all love her.

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