Saturday, April 12, 2008

When the Storms Come

So it's spring here in the south which means it's storm season. Let me just say this, I LOVE storms! I know alot of you may think I'm nuts but there is just something about the sound of distant thunder that thrills me to my toes! I think lightning is so breathtaking. Whenever their is a big BOOM of thunder that shakes me to my core, I can't help it, I giggle every time.
My favorite time for a storm to hit is late at night when I'm in bed, safe in the shelter of my home under my fluffy down comforter. To watch my room light up with each strike of lightning and hear the wind and rain pounding on my windows. Sometimes the thunder will roll and rumble for what seems like forever and then BANG! I jump every time..........I LOVE IT! It's such a small example of God's incredible power.

I was pondering this very thing when I was struck with a bit of a metaphor. In life we encounter many "storms". I realized as Christians God has given us the luxury to lay under his fluffy comforter, in his big house of protection while the winds blow all around. Yet many of us forgo this luxury and take the opportunity to FREAK OUT! WHY?? After all, ultimately we have NO control and dare I say it....thank God we don't! What a mess I make every time I try and take control.

Praise him in the storm and amazing peace that passes all comprehension will overcome you.

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