Sunday, April 13, 2008

Steve's New Ride

My husband is getting a new ride next month. How many guys above the age of 5 can say they drive a truck like this one? I don't think as adults we ever grow out of our initial career dreams that we had as kids and a few lucky ones get to live them. That's why I am so happy for him. He's been busy getting the new station ready to open all week. It is his new post so it is like his home away from home, he's very excited. They even got new furniture. The ribbon cutting is this friday, April 18th at 6pm for those of you who wanna bring the kids down to check it out. For more pictures follow this link.

Steve's first shift is on Sunday the 20th if you wanna drop by then, he'd love to give you a personal tour. While you're there wish him a Happy Birthday, he turns 30 something on the 19th.

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